2018 - present

During my residence in Iceland, I turned to plant materials and traditional textile practices: slow art as a reaction to the instant gratification often demanded by 21st-century social norms.  While exploring methods of working with timeless materials using traditional skillsets I refined my palette and began work on the Growth series.
Growth explores the concept of recreating slow-growing mosses and crustose lichen via tactile processes: hand-dyeing with foraged plants, hand-felting, and hand-stitching Icelandic wool. Imitating a natural cycle of flora using these methods, Growth simultaneously attempts to speed up the cycle while re-creating the untamed patterns made by mosses and lichen found on rocks, concrete, lava, and other often uninhabitable locations.
While exploring the flora of Blönduós, I dyed wool, silk, and hemp using: angelica; lupin; northern dock; yarrow; downy birch; Iceland moss; lichen; logwood; and indigo. The resulting palette of colours proved irresistible to work with, inspiring the hemp piecework for an abstract, geographical quilt as well.
I continue to stitch moss-inspired studies, as my residence in the boreal forests of Northwestern Ontario provides endless inspiration.