White Nights Residency, 2019

During the month of June 2019, I lived in a small community on the west coast of Finland: Kristinestad | Kristiinankaupunki as an artist in residence at the White Nights Residency. Aptly named for the lengthened hours of daylight in midsummer, the long days and short nights encouraged a very productive month of creating alongside 4 other residents.  During this period of focused creativity: I foraged plants from the forests, fields, and coastline; dyed natural fibres; and, referencing the traditional Raanu method of weaving, created a "map" using the regionally-derived colours.  

In addition to the continuation of the "Mapping Via Plant-Dyes Project," I collaborated with second-cousin and fellow artist in resident Caroline Kajorinne, combining the practice of tapestry and Finnish rug weaving: creating the "Home to the River" rug, a visual and auditory installation inspired by reflections along the river Kyrö | Kyrönjoki, where our grandfathers were born (Isokyrö). This work is accompanied by a water soundscape Caroline created using sound samples harvested from our travels through the region. 

I acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, assisting my attendance at this residency.