Living in a rural location, my daily commute allowed me to reflect on the goings-on in my life.  Alone in my car for at least one hour a day, I was free from phone calls, texting, and many external stressors.  I enjoyed quiet contemplation as well as the changing views and seasons between rural and urban scenery.

Forming a daily photographic journal of the time spent in my car I compiled a year’s worth of photos from which to find compositions.  I choose the photos I found most interesting and manipulated them to bring out details to be recreated in fabric.  I enlarged areas of interest and manipulated them by playing with colour, light, and contrast using various adjustments and filters.

I combine my love of printmaking and textiles using both quilting and printing technologies. Sewing laser-jet, cotton printouts with recycled and vintage materials provides an excellent working canvas to receive silk-screened dyes, stitching, and embroidery. The importance of tactility creates the need to translate imagery from digital media to the sewn landscape.  Maintaining traditional methods of sewing, the combination of modern technology and traditional textile-work directly responds to the increasingly fast-paced demands in a 21st - century lifestyle.