Mapping Via Plant Dyes

I ignited my passion for foraged colour as an artist in residence in Iceland (2018 OAC International residency grant), where I foraged locally-specific plants to dye, felt, and stitch works that visually and conceptually related to the land on which they were created. As an artist in residence in Finland (2019 CCA Arts Abroad Residencies Grant) and Toronto (2019 OTF and Jumblies Theatre & Arts Community Arts Exchange), I continued researching botanical colours by foraging and dyeing with local plants, imbuing a sense of place into my materials and fostering connections with both the land and local communities during the process.

This important work continues, most recently where I live and work in Northern Ontario.  In 2020, foraging from spring through fall resulted in new works that document the local flora and allude to my cultural heritage via regionally-dyed colours and a traditional style of weaving.  As my work progresses, relationship-building with the land in which I forage and with the communities in which I create remains essential to my creative process