Pike Lake, Northwestern Ontario (Tarmola)

My second-cousin Caroline Kajorinne and I are lucky to have grown up in close proximity to each other. Family get-togethers and sharing the bus ride to our rural elementary school allowed us to form a friendship as children, which, we continued as we grew into teens and adults. 
Now, our lives often seem parallel as we both find ourselves working as artists and occasionally arts administrators both separately and together. 
Caroline and her husband acquired a homestead and property on Pike Lake in Northwestern Ontario which had been homesteaded by family on her side (not my relatives) in the early 20th century. I've been fortunate to spend many summers at Pike Lake with Carol: gardening, planning, dreaming, and scheming as well as working on my outdoor dye studio/camper trailer, and foraging local plants for dyes. 
I would like to give thanks to Caroline and her family for hosting me over the years, and thanks to the plants for their beauty and colours by honouring them here in these works. 
These weavings feature plants and imagery from Pike Lake.